DIVALUKKY is a Luxury fashion house and brainchild of designer, Anita Chialuka Ebeledike who is very passionate about fashion and art.

Growing up, Anita knew she had an aesthetic eye and unconventional approach with respect to fashion, when she saw herself deconstructing dresses and engaging machinists to sew them into creative, intricate patterns and forms. Inspired by artistic structures around her, iconic women, in-fact, practically everything empowering, the goal for her has always been, to make women feel sexy and empowering simultaneously while wearing DIVALUKKY.

Anita’s love for art, well constructed dresses and elaborate designs discovered during different phases of her life, greatly influenced the Divalukky aesthetics.' 



DIVALUKKY couture house was launched in 2010 as a bespoke fashion house.  Our creation of unique, elegant and eclectic couture, tailored for modern women have caught the eyes of so many fashionistas which was a huge encouragement to launch ready- to- wear pieces into the daily scene, making our signature presence worldwide.

At DIVALUKKY, we are known for our signature style which includes structured, elaborate pieces and contoured silhouettes. Our style always has a contemporary twist, which combined with absolutely gorgeous fabrics, delicate embellishments and embroideries, result in breathtaking pieces for the bold, modern, sophisticated and glamorous women.

We design all our pieces  by hand, making sure that the quality and fit are absolutely perfect for you.

We hope you enjoy our pieces as much as we enjoy creating them for you.